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About the Capital Region

The Capital Region of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc. is home to 7 Pony Clubs and 5 Pony Club Riding Centers and 1 Horsemasters group. Our members hail from Maryland and Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virgina. The members participate in all pony club disciplines including; Dressage, Eventing, Fox Hunting, Games, Polocrosse, Quiz (knowledge), Show Jumping and Tetrathalon. Interested in joining the fun? Please see the Region page for listing of clubs near you! 
Sportsmanship ● Horsemanship ● Leadership ● Stewardship

Upcoming Events

NQ Eventing Sept. 27th
Dressage Rally - Oct. 4th
Tet Rally - Oct 17th -18th

Tad Coffin Demo - See News

​Please send your 2015 champs photos to:
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This month, Ema Klugman and Jennifer Price will be representing the U.S., the Capital Region and Seneca Valley Pony Club on the USPC Inter-Pacific Exchange in Toronto. More info under "News" tab.